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timeless decor

Timeless Décor Choices For Your Home

Keeping up with interior design trends is pretty much an impossible task, with fresh trends coming out each week! It can feel as though each season there’s totally new design tip or colour scheme you need to know about by in order to get your home looking it’s best!

This is fine if you have an unlimited budget, but let’s face it, not all of us do! It’s pretty unlikely that you’ll redecorate every room each year yet alone each season.

Whether you look for style, luxury, practicality or comfort, one common theme among home owners is that your homes are something we all take pride in.

So instead of chasing trends that will have changed before you’ve even finished painting, why not opt for timeless décor that will keep your home looking fresh and stylish for longer?

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Here’re some top tips to keep your interior looking beautiful all year round!

Timeless Décor Choices For Your Home


Trendy colour schemes change as quick as the British weather! By selecting neutral, lighter and brighter schemes it creates a stand out inviting feel that won’t do out of fashion in a few weeks.

If you don’t want a boring beige room, you should try to take advantage of items such as throws, scatter cushions, vases, ornaments and lamps to bring in different colours. They allow you to make those noticeable statements that catch the eye of guests and family when entering the room.

Alternatively, you can try and bring in colour via your window blinds. These are easier and cheaper to change regularly rather than say a sofa or wallpaper choice!

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The key thing with furnishings is, let’s face it, comfort. You can opt for a minimalist sofa, but what’s the point if you never want to sit of it’s because it’s so uncomfortable.

It can be easy to get carried away with aspiring to owning such intricate, bespoke furnishings that you can forget about the practicality. If it doesn’t work in your everyday life, it’s a pointless purchase that you’ll find yourself replacing in a few weeks!

You need to think about what works for your home and lifestyle. If you have kid’s, you can’t expect to put glass everywhere and expect no damage or dirty finger prints everywhere! Today, people are getting more innovative and creative with their furniture by upcycling old pieces. A popular trend is also bringing rattan furniture in from the outside! It’s all about being practical and assessing your situation.

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Timeless Décor Choices For Your Home

It doesn’t matter what else your do in your home, lighting really can make or break a room. The key thing to do it to enhance all of the natural light and avoid all colour schemes and furnishings that can make a room like dark and dull.

Nobody wants a dingy room in their homes, and if a room doesn’t have any natural light, you can find fixtures and fittings that will make it feel as though it does! Try and find window dressings that let in more light and try to invest in some lights that give the room a friendly, warm glow.

Hope these tips help!

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