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3 Places For The Ultimate Diwali Celebrations This Year

3 Places For The Ultimate Diwali Celebrations This Year

Legend has it that Diwali was initially celebrated to commemorate the homecoming of Lord Rama to Ayodhya subsequent to his vanvasa years in a state of banishment. That happened a long time back. Take a quick forward a couple of hundreds of years to today and Diwali has turned into that time of the year when the whole family joins in to celebrate the festival of lights. For the people who want to see the best of Diwali yet, here is a list of some awesome destinations.

The Legendary Dev Deepavali of Varanasi

Varanasi witnesses the most traditional Diwali celebration among all other places in India. Diwali festivities, with a huge number of lights and thousands of people gathering to celebrate it together. So how do you go about it? Just start your day with the Ganga Snan (a holy bath in the Ganga river) custom, then head to the market roads offering Diwali desserts and ethnic garments. On a pontoon ride at dusk, witness the lights by the river ghats as they gradually enlighten the dim and the otherworldly air loaned by the serenades and presentations on the riverside. The merriments come full circle in uproarious and beautiful sparklers being set off in each and every path of the city. You’d have to stay a week longer to witness the considerably merrier and more exciting Dev Deepavali, celebrated as a major aspect of the Ganga Mahotsav celebration to showcase the social legacy that Varanasi has. Get your rail reservation done in advance if you are planning to visit Varanasi in Diwali. The reason is that this is one of the peak seasons on route for travelers. Hence it can be a lot of hassle to find tickets at the last minute or get confirmed rail reservation just a couple of days prior to the festival.

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3 Places For The Ultimate Diwali Celebrations This Year

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, as it is commonly believed, is the place where Sita was kept prisoner and Ravana was pulverized in the epic Ramayana. It is a typical place to observe Diwali. Hindus are gathered in the toward the east of the nation, where Diwali spins around the lighting of lights and dissemination of misiri, puppets of sugar gems, etc.. Witness the grand celebrations on shorelines along the island’s east drift, where you can lease a coastline lodge, snorkel and swim in the Indian Ocean, and enjoy the Sinhalese dishes. Join the neighborly local people in the evening in their celebration of lights with many rituals and ceremonies performed by the shore. It is a delightful and unique experience to have.

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3 Places For The Ultimate Diwali Celebrations This Year


The sacred city of the Golden Temple is a treat any time of the year, however, during Diwali it is at its best, since the period matches with the Sikh festivals of Bandi Chhor Divas. Kirtans (petitions) resound through the city and the Golden Temple is washed by dazzling lights – a devour for any photography fan who never wants to miss anything interesting. Club that with the irresistible spirit of the Punjabis, the culinary joys of a normal Amritsari dhaba, the cool and nippy November climate, and the great mustard fields swaying in the wide open, and you have to yourself an incredible experience indeed. Get your railway reservations and travel for a memorable ceremonial time in this city of Punjab.

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Have a great time this Diwali!

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