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Travelling Tips: Beach Holiday In Izmir

Turkey is considered to be the popular place for tourists from all over the world. The sun is always soft; the sea is always warm here. So, the Turkish resorts are always popular. The brightest place of it is Izmir with the variety of well-organized beaches. It is worth saying that Izmir is port city. So, the sea is not crystal-clean here. Nevertheless, it cannot stop tourists from visiting Izmir.

It is situated on the banks of Aegean Sea, 600 kilometers from Ankara. You can get to the city by bus or by car. It is very convenient to use regular bus from the airport. Nevertheless, you may hire a car in Izmir airport and get whenever you want. The weather is always good here. The temperature is about +28. The nights are rather cool.

Cesme Beaches

The most popular places to have some rest for tourists are Cesme Beaches. This is a huge territory for 29 kilometers long along the sea coast. The local beaches are characterized as picturesque landscapes and warm sea. The beaches are made of fine sand, equipped with cozy sun shades, lounges. There are many small cafes and restaurants, where you can try delicacies and tasty drinks. There is a big choice of different entertainments on a beach. This is the best popular place for diving and yachting. Besides, this is a popular place to learn architecture.

The Ilica Beaches are situated 3 kilometers far from Cesme. You can find fine sand, well-developed infrastructure and lots of entertainments for kids and adults. The place is suitable for family vacation and for big companies. The main characteristic of this beach is thermal waters. The sea is warm and shoal. The huge territory allows finding that particular place that you really need.

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Turkey (Izmir-Mordogan) Late summer beach view

Boyalik Koyu Bay

This is huge beach for several kilometers. It is worth saying that this is the first place to welcome tourists in the country. The infrastructure is well-develop: cafes, restaurants. There are many entertainments for kids and adults. The territory is equipped with sunshades and lounges. It is an interesting place for have rest with kids of all ages.

Kusadasi Beaches

This is a popular place for tourists of different countries. The resorts are characterized with good infrastructure, beaches and high service. The sand is white and pleasant. There are many cafes and restaurants to choose something tasty of European and local cuisine. What is more, there are many entertainments for all tastes and budgets. The best popular of them are boating and water skiing. Come and see!

Hotels and Apartments

The hotels of Izmir are different by many factors: level and style. The city hotels in Ottoman style are very popular. You are welcomed with authentic interior, national cuisine. The second type of the most popular hotels is beach apartments. Oh, they are really amazing! Look at those wall-size windows, going to the sea! The hotels of this type are situated far from the city at the sea line. The prices for room are wise. It is very profitable to book rooms of three star hotels. Do not worry about the service level – it is always on the top.

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Restaurants and Shops

Izmir boasts with the big amount of cafes and restaurants. They offer a wide choice of dishes of national cuisine. You know, it is absolutely useless to learn local cuisine. Try to sit at the table, forget about your diet, and taste. You should remember that restaurant management offers you a good compliment at the end of your dinner. As a rule, the best-visiting city restaurants attract people with dancing, night performances.

Spice Market,  Istanbul Turkey

City Sights and Entertainments

You can speak about the city interesting places for a long time. The city is full of interests. Try to start your journey from the Kadifekale – the castle was built in the third century B.C. The city view is amazing. You can see elegant villas, beach line, sea and black blocks. The central city square is the center of Izmir. All important buildings are concentrated here: administrative buildings, cultural compositions, trade districts. The big clock tower is a real symbol of the city. It was built in 1901 as an impressive architectural center. The city museums are also popular. Want to visit a dig place?

Seed sellers - Izmir

10 Things to Do in Izmir

Go boating from one of many city harbors. You are offered to choose the best touristic route and go ahead!

Feel the nature of Izmir cultural center. You should visit cultural places, Central Opera House and many interesting museums.

Come and see the city attribute – Saat Kulesi, to explore the clock drive inside. It is more than 100 years!

Amaze from the unique gathering of ancient items in the city Archeological Museum.

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Climb the 100 years lift from Mithatpasa Cad to Halil Rifat Pasa Cad. One place is situated 50 meters higher than another. The lift tower finishes a bog cozy terrace on the top. You can have dinner here, admiring the beautiful view.

Explore the city Ethnographic Museum. The first floor of this exciting place is devoted to the traditional interior of the ancient Ottoman house.

Come and see the huge central market, looking for the fresh fruits, vegetables, hand-made ceramics and leather goods. All decorative elements are unique.

Climb up the highest point of Izmir – green hill Kadifekale to see the admiring view to the city center and bay. You can see ancient ruins, dated of the 4th century B.C.

Visit the Museum of Ataturk, where you can see a lot of personal things of Turkish first president. The place is really historical!

Visit the popular city museum of the modern art. It is situated in the elegant villa of the 19th century. The place is worth seeing.


The real entertainment is visiting popular Turkish market. It is difficult to find another colorful place in the country. You can find a lot of interesting things in the market – this is Turkey as it is! Never miss visiting popular souvenir markets and little shops all over the city. Definitely, you need to hire a car in Izmir to do all you planned for this trip: visiting beaches, hotels, restaurants and popular city markets. So many things to do!

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