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6 Watches For Every Stage Of Your Life

‘At the end, one didn’t remember life as a whole
But as just a string of moments.’
-David Levein

And how cool would it be if you had a string of stunning timepieceskeeping count of those memorable moments of life? Just as those youthfulripped jeans turn into crisplinen pants, and your trade inbottomless beers for a glass of single malt, your watch, too, is an age-appropriate extension of yourself, and your place in life.

So let’s find you the perfect tickers to mark each of those all-important milestones, what say? You can choose from a range of Cartier, Breitling or Rolex watches at Ethos Watch Boutiques, but here are some iconic styles for those special moments.

Your very first ‘good’ watch

Remember those Pokémon and Barbie watches, my dear millennials? Or maybe Mickey Mouse, surelybaby boomers had at least one of those? Well, no, these most definitely do not count as your first ‘good’ watch. And if you’ve never even owned one of those, and depended on a mobile for timekeeping…then so help you God! There comes a time in all our lives when we need to get over the notion of mobile phones as ‘decent’ timekeepers, and moving onto the good stuff –good old watches.Make no mistake, your first watch probably isn’t going to be the mostluxurious, but like all ‘firsts’, it will mean a great deal. Consider your needs, your style, and of course, your budget, and go for something simple and neat. I’d suggest looking at brands like Casio, Michael Kors, Diesel, or Calvin Klein for your first ticker.That being said, it’s a personal choice you’ve got to make for yourself–there’s no one-size fits all.

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But here are a few youthful styles to consider:




Women’s: Michael Kors Slim Runway MK2284



The watch for when you land your first job

Ah, now we’re talking! You’ve landed your first job and you want to cash in that glorious first paycheque for something worthwhile, don’t you? No better place to start building a watch collection than when you start yourclimb up the career ladder.

Tissot has always been an aspirational choice for the young professional, so it’s a good place to start:

For him:

Tissot T Classic T033.410.11.013.01



For her:

Tissot T Classic T033.



The watch you buy with your first big raise

A substantial raise sure calls for celebration.But with a distinguished timepiece glistening on your wrist while you raise that toast, your big day will become all the more memorable. Investing in a good, professional timepiece is a great way to show your dedication to work, your confidence, and your aspirations to achieve big.

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For the man of the hour, theneat and clean design on this Breguet shows you’ve come a long way in your career:

Breguet Classique 5157BB119V6



For the woman of substance, an elegant Longines watch is a classic choice:

Longines Watchmaking Tradition L2.



The watch you get when you buy a good car

Now your first car may not be quite Formula 1-ready, but who says that has to stop your need for speed? And when it comes to watches inspired by race cars, TAG Heuerhas simply no competition. Take this Formula 1 model for example:

TAG Heuer Formula 1 CAZ1010.FT8024



With the cool rubber strap looking nothing less than a heavy-duty race car tyre, this is the kind of timepiece that really marks the occasion of your first ‘good’ car purchase. No, not the one your parents got you on your 18th birthday, or that second-hand model that got to through a gruelling first job. I’m talking about your dream car. TAG Heuer’s quest for precision has made waves across the horology market, so there’s never a better choice.

The watch you gift your wife/husband when you get married

Your wedding day needs little to remain etched in your memory for evermore. But let’s make sure you add a little more sparkle to the moment with a pair of beautiful watches.

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For the bride:

Tradition says you have to save 3 months’ salary for the big rock on her engagement ring, but can you image the surprise 126 diamonds would bring to her face? That’s right, this Cartier  is encrusted with 126 diamonds, all ready to add unbounded lustre to your special day:

Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier WE9003ZA



For the groom:

The bride is typically the centre of attention at any wedding –be it a big fat Indian wedding, decked up in beatific red, or a while wedding, with a billowing wedding gown. But for your special day, make sure you give your man the attention her deserves with this remarkable Cartier:

Cartier Ronde De Cartier W6800251


The ultimate watch that marks your peak

Could any list of watches possibly be complete without a mention of Rolex? I think not! The champion among watchmakers has a special place for your ultimate coming –that moment when you’re at your professional peak, you’re successful and you lead a good life. For that moment, save a Rolex that tells the world you’ve arrived.

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