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Ways To Curl Your Eyelashes with/without An Eyelash Curler

It is very important to select the right kind of eyelash curler.  A pair of eyelash curlers is a promising tool for photo shoot-outs or a make-up artist kit, these eyelash curlers helps you.  These eyelash curlers may not get attention when you are in a rush or on ready-to-go but these eyelash curlers preferred by most of the people especially the artists.

To choose the best eyelash curler, many factors comes into consideration. Here we state some eyelash curler reviews are the right choice for you as it makes the difference. Many Reviewers says these are the best eyelash curlers making their eyes look much broader and brighter. These eyelash curlers are easily accessible and consistent, and one can’t find any error. Let’s see what eyelash reviews are is saying.

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Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler

This eyelash curler is compact in nature and very popular product among the customers. One of the reviewer states “My mom wearing false eyelashes curlers creates a problem, but with this new curler, she becomes dependent on it.


  • It increases the eyelash curlers up to 149%
  • These eyelash curlers lash very quickly with more precise.


  • Creates a problem by pulling out lashes from the eyelids.
  • Customers may feel irritating in first use.
  • Sometimes these lashes loss the curlers for several hours.

ELF Studio Eyelash Curlers

Customers have a soothing experience whoever uses it, and also this product can be purchased at a reasonable cost.


  • The product is very comfortable to use and can be easily implemented.
  • The manual guide shared with this product are quick to understand
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  • These lashes curlers are not so broader for the eyelids, and the customers can’t see properly.
  • These products are not well so defined.
  • Multiple squeezing curls the eyelashes.
  • The practitioner recommends not using this type of eyelash curlers in normal beauty chart.

Sally Hansen La Cross Double Curl Eyelash Curler

Sally Hansen La Cross is a unique eyelash curler used with mixed performance experience from the customers.


  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • The instructions of the product are written in simple, lucid language so that everyone can understand.


  • Though it’s a double lash curls customers complains about the results the face during lab tests.
  • Customers say of the ugly shaped eyelashes.
  • Many customers found no difference in the product.
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Revlon Lash Curler

The plus pad technology is used in this eyelash curl to get a perfect and precise curl.


  • The eyelashes are broader and are well defined for the customers.
  • These eyelashes are not easily breakable.
  • Simple and convenient to use wherever you go.


  • The product is just approved by only 51 percent in average in the lab.
  • Consumers complain that they do not get the expected curls they are looking for.
  • The product is expensive and not affordable for many customers.

These eyelash curlers stated above are the best ones though many eyelash curlers are available in the market.

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