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How Does A Cool Mist Humidifier Work?

Cool mist humidifiers differ from the warm mist humidifiers in that they dispense a cool mist into the air, which is often invisible. A cool mist humidifier is suitable for use in homes and offices if the occupants suffer from sinus infections, cracked lips, dry coughs and other complications related to the respiratory system.

A cool mist humidifier will generally work by treating dry air with moisture and then releasing this into the air in the form of cool, moist air. There are three different types of cool mist humidifiers. Taking a look at these three will help us better understand how they work.

Evaporative Humidifiers

These are the most commonly used humidifiers in most homes and offices. They consists of three basic parts: the reservoir, the wick and the fan.

The reservoir is the area where water is stored. When you fill the humidifier with water, you normally will be filling the reservoir. The wick is made using some porous material that allows water to seep in from the reservoir. The fan is them what is used to blow some air into the humidifier, which allows for the water on the wick to evaporate into the air.

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This humidifier will work depending on the relative humidity in the room. Relative humidity is dependant on the temperature of the room and the pressure present in the humidifier. Generally, rooms with a high relative humidity will generally be hard to humidify. For this reason, the humidifier is built to be self-regulating. It releases less moisture when a room’s humidity gets high, and vice versa. Evaporative humidifiers tend to become dirty. It is necessary to clean the humidifier time to time. Learn how to clean humidifier from

Impeller Humidifiers

This type of cool mist humidifier uses a reservoir, a rotating disk and a diffuser. The water is filled and stored in the reservoir. When the humidifier is turned on, the rotating disk turns and lifts the water off the reservoir and flings it onto the diffuser. The diffuser then breaks down the water into tiny droplets which are then released into the air.

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This type of humidifier is suitable for use as it releases moisture that is free of minerals into the air. This thus gives you a clean method of humidifying your home. What’s more, the impeller humidifier uses little power to operate. It thus lowers energy consumption in your home. You should however use distilled water to get the benefits of using the impeller humidifier.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

This type of humidifier uses the ultrasonic technology to humidify the air. When you place water into the humidifier’s reservoir, an ultrasonic vibrating diaphragm vibrates to produce an ultrasonic frequency. This frequency disrupts the water in the reservoir and results into the water breaking down into fine droplets . A supersonic movement produced by the humidifier’s tiny fans then moves the the tiny water droplets out of the humidifier in the form of a fine mist.

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You can use either distilled or non-distilled water with this humidifier. The distilled water will normally contain less minerals and other particles that can potentially add impurities into the air.

The above are the three major types of the cool mist humidifiers, with details on how they work. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Generally, cool mist humidifiers have the disadvantage of noise. These humidifiers normally use fans to dispense the moisture into the air. These fans produce a lot of noise when operating. To understand what are the good humidifiers in the current market just check the list of Top 10 Best Whole House Humidifiers from The Soothing Air.

Cool mist humidifiers, apart from humidifying your home, also make the air in your room chillier than usual. Filters are one thing that distinguish the cool mist humidifiers. Impeller humidifiers do not require filters, but the ultrasonic and evaporative humidifies can use filters. This will however add to the cost of maintenance.

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