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Jonathan Scharg- The Name and Face Behind The Dramatic Change

The use of energy is as old as the discovery of fire. And with that the start of civilization marked the page in history. The spreading civilization in every nooks and corners of the world had one thing in common, the consumption of energy. From the birth of civilization the utilization of energy, both renewable and non-renewable have been a major criterion to survive. With the increasing days and with mounts of population thriving to get the best possible lifestyle the energy consumption has gone to the crest.

This is a concern for all. A panel of environmentalists has been working towards the benefit of the environment. Among them a name Jonathan Scharg stands firm with his multiple achievements and his numerous works on reduction of energy consumptions. He has been associated with many panels before, whose main focus was on the jurisdiction on a range of issues related to environment. To think about, he has been working his whole to create earth a better and clean place. His main concern remains on the excessive use of energy, which will leave an unimaginable consequence for the upcoming generation.

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Jonathan’s take on the tide full of building blocks and impact that is having on the environment is something to be concerned about. He implemented such point that needs to be revised at all fronts. The rise of such civilization can have a greater thrust on the environment with high electrical consumption and Scharg has contributed to the major sectors like transportation and electric power generation sectors. And his work on adaptation to inhabitable consequences of a climate change is remarkable. He believes in providing the human kind with cleaner cheaper power.

The list of Jonathan Scharg’s achievements are endless, currently he is the Deputy administrator of Rhodes Island Division of Public Utilities. Previously he was appointed as the Senior Director, Clean Energy of Environmental Defense Fund. Jonathan has also been a proud member of the U.S. Commodities and Futures Trading Commission Advisory Panel on Energy and Environmental Markets, an executive board member of the Northeast Combined Heat and Power Initiative, an advisor to the Western Governors’ Association Zero-Emission Energy Task Force, a member of the Regional Plan Association’s Energy Working Group, and vice president of the New York Association for Energy Economics. He was also a fellow of Frank J. Guarini Center on Environmental Energy and Land use. Here he moderated many conferences regarding the issue of energy control. In 2011 he was appointed as the Deputy Commissioner for Energy Connecticut for Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. He was responsible for the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), which reviews rates for electricity, natural gas, water and other utilities.

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With an honorable degree from the prestigious Harvard University, Jonathan Scharg has achieved many titles in his lifetime. From executive directors to deputy administrators, he has played it all. A lot of good things are still expected from him. He has worked towards the betterment of the people his entire life. In his long list of work, he has also contributed to the cause of having a cleaner and greener habitat. The upcoming days are going to be tough. Start of an immediate change is advised to all and with the help of such talented environmentalist, going green is just a matter of thought.

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