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Travel Like A King With Palace On Wheels

Several international tourists come back time and again to experience the heavenly trip onboard the glorious Palace on Wheels. The tourist attraction sites, overnight stays, lunch/ dinner at star hotels are unremarkable. However there is one reason what attracts several tourists from all over the world to come back again. It is to experience the luxury and royalty on the majestic Palace on Wheels trip. Read on to also know what exactly is so attractive about this luxury train journey.

A Royal Reception

It is the tradition to give a cheerful and warm welcome to guests the esteemed Palace on Wheels traveler is also given a royal welcome and welcome kit. Feel like a King as you get garlanded with fresh flowers on velvet carpet as a grand guest welcome to embark your journey.

14 Palace Carriages

There are fourteen carriages named after the regions under the Rajput rule. So you may think what is great about it. The exteriors of each of these carriages have images of the traditional regions painted on them. The interiors are made to resemble the vibrancy and exotic decor of ancient palaces. In the olden days rulers used to be carried in carriages in all comfort to travel from one place to another. Each of the travelers feels like either a King or Queen travelling on a ‘Palace on Wheels train.’

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2 Regal Dining Cars

Keeping in mind your ‘royal dining needs’ the train restaurants there are two named ‘Maharaja Restaurant’ and Maharani Restaurant.’ you can admire the passing landscape as you relish the exotic Continental Chinese and traditional Rajasthani cuisine as you by the window side in four seating arrangement. Eat from fine cutlery and drink international brands from hand cut crystal glasses at the exotic bar.

Heavenly Spa Onboard

Those who would like to spend the time onboard in a health spa can also do so with the royal journey. There are Ayurveda Spas, Health Spas & treatments too. So indulge yourself in a royal spa experience onboard the Palace on Wheels royal journey. Also, the washrooms are equipped with hot water and cold running water and showers too. There are all onboard facilities of Palace on Wheels train to make sure you get a Queen’s or King’s experience on this luxury train ride.

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Facilities on Princely Journey

There will be an attendant in each cabin to assist you with whatever needs you have. The traditionally designed cabins are modified to provide world class amenities and facilities like Wi-Fi internet, movies on LCDs, etc. There is also a lounge with a laid back ambience where you can grab a magazine to relax. There is medical facility too in case of emergency and a pantry with availability of refreshments and beverages. Bed linen is changed on a regular basis to ensure hygiene. There is laundry available onboard.

Royal Ambience

There are times when you feel tired or wish to stay back onboard if you do not wish to off-board trip or excursion. So inform the management in advance so necessary arrangements are made. There are wall hangings and artworks to give the interiors a royal look. From wall-to- wall carpeting to lighting ambience and finest glittery decor, everything makes you feel you are a king in a palace.

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This is definitely a once in a lifetime journey experience for all. This 7 Nights /8 Days luxury tour with Palace on Wheels gives you the feel of traveling like a King or Queen. In other words the luxury journey allows you to live the grandiose Lifestyle of the Ancient Kings and rulers.

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