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Rainy Day In Athens: TOP 10 Ways To Have A Good Time

Everyone knows that Greece is a country of sunny and warm weather. Statistics that comes from the Ancient Greece says that Greece is a country of the bright sun for more than 300 days per year. What about the rain? It seldom rains in summer. Autumn and winter are the seasons of heavy rains from time to time. If your Greek vacation is darkened with the rain for day or two, you have to spend time somewhere. So, you are at the heart of Greece – Athens and it is raining outside. Here are the couple of ideas about what to do on a rainy day.

dreaming of sunshine on this rainy day

Go Shopping!

Do not worry. You can catch taxi or hire the car in Athens to feel free and go shopping! Shopping in Athens is a big pleasure. It is also a big pleasure on a rainy day. You can go to the old part of the city or go shopping to the new bright and modern shopping malls, where the most of the tourists usually buy everything. There are many boutiques that boast their haute couture things: footwear, clothes, accessories, antique things, jewelry. They are mostly concentrated in the city center.

Ermou Street is also known as the popular place for everyone, who cannot live with lack of shopping. You can buy the high class clothes, accessories and souvenirs. You cannot find the footwear shops here. If you go far from Ermou Street, you can meet a lot of jewelry shops, book stores, and footwear boutiques.

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Go to Drink Coffee!

There are many cafes in the center of the city. You can spend your time there, relax and search the rain. It is a popular tradition to organize the book corner in the cafes and free Wi-Fi. How sweet and taste the Greek sweets are! Their taste is masterfully combined with the cup of herbal tea or aromatic coffee. Of you prefer drinking coffee in the museums to cafes, you should visit the Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art with its amazing glassy roof. You can sit on the roof and enjoy the rain and Athens view.

Go to Learn Culture!

Are you tired from shopping and drinking coffee? It is time to do something intellectual. There are many art centers and galleries in Athens. The most of them are concentrated close to each other, 10-15 minutes walking. If you are at the Syntagma Square, you can visit Benakis Museum, War Museum, Bizantian Museum. If you want more art, you should go to the National Art Gallery, where you can admire the works of the local masterpieces.


Go Hunting For Treasure!

Athens arcades are what you need, if you want to see something unusual. This is the best-visiting place in Athens for tourists and locals. There is a small secret – the interiors and atmosphere are amazing! Long time ago, the city was full of the grandiose buildings, passages. All these buildings are the best places to visit on a rainy day.

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Metro or Museum?

It is Monday. It is raining outside. The museums are closed. What are you going to do now? Don’t worry! There is one place to welcome you – it looks like a museum. You can learn exhibits from morning till evening. Welcome to the underground! Underground is one of the best metro stations in our days. The most of the stations are decorated with the impressive archeological relics and art masterpieces. As a matter of fact, the most of the underground architectural monuments was dug out many years ago, when the underground stations were in the process of building.

Go to the Garden!

How about visiting the city National Garden to walk there at the rain? It looks peaceful and calm on a rainy weather. There are no people here: who wants to walk under the rain? You may have some rest in the nearest cafe. Try to go through the park to get the Zappeion Palace – the greatest architectural monument.

Go to the Beach!

When the weather gets colder, you cannot swim in the sea in Greece. Everything is dull and cold. So, you may walk along the beach and enjoy the cold rainy sea. There are many SPA-centers on the seaside. You can visit any of them to spend your time there with pleasure. The prices can be different but not too high! Never forget that Greece is a popular resort any weather.


Go Bath Hydrothermal Waters!

You can also spend your time to better your health in the geothermal basins. You should not go far – 80 kilometers from the capital to Loutraki. This resort place is famous all over the world with its geothermal waters. You can not only bath here but learn culture, visit the numerous excursions, historical monuments. There is nothing better than hot mineral water on a rainy day.

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Read a Book!

Do you want to hide away? Go to the National Library! There is a wide choice of books of different styles and formats. The most of people prefer reading classic literature in the cozy reading hall. You can find the original books of the world-popular Iliad and Odyssey, personal Byron’s collection and others. There is a charming literary café right here to read, drink aromatic coffee and probably to discuss the book you’ve just read with the new friends. That’s amazing! You should try.

Pentekostarion Venice,k di Nicolini da Sabblo Brothers. 1544

Greece is a country of the bright sun lights. It can often happen that you are distressed with the rain. You should know that rain in Athens is not a big trouble, but another opportunity to spend time with pleasure. It cannot interrupt you from the interesting excursions, SPA-procedures, shopping or reading. The city is full of welcoming shops and restaurants, cafes and museums that you can visit on a rainy day. Never forget about the local beach! It is especially beautiful and romantic when it rains. Actually, you can also use these helpful advices if you are lucky to visit Greece in winter.

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