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5 Ways To Pull Off The Leggings The Right Way

5 Ways To Pull Off The Leggings The Right Way

Leggings never had a reputation for being chic. This is the reason why women, in the past few ages, have hardly donned leggings to make a statement. But with the passage of time, trends changed and leggings became a perfect alternative to pants. From young girls to A-list ladies, women of all ages, started wearing leggings as a mark of a new fashion statement. But there is actually an art to pulling it off the right way.

Below, we have rounded up a few ideas to help you rig yourself out in leggings the most appropriate way.

Pair Leggings with a Tunic

If you are planning to hang out with your friends or go to your workstation, try to pair leggings with an asymmetric tunic. It will define your facial features more prominently, and you will look beautiful.


Combine Leggings with a Poncho

Poncho can serve as a perfect companion for your leggings.  It will not only make you look good but will also make you feel comfortable. The best part about poncho is that it has an ability to work as an outfit stretcher, giving you a complete and put-together look.

Try Skirted Leggings

Leggings clubbed with a skirt can easily help you improve your looks. It will serve as an extra fabric for some dressier occasions where you are obliged to go. Apart from that, it can also save you from being at the verge of embarrassment, in case, you have to attend any formal party or meeting on an urgent basis, and don’t know what to select. However, if you don’t want to pair your leggings with skirt, you can also go for a shirt with a stretchy fabric.

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Accompany Shoes with Leggings

The cool part about leggings is that they can go with nearly any type of shoe, ranging from pumps, boots, and sneakers to sandals. Therefore, use any kind of shoe and match it well with the color of your leggings.

  • For casual visits, wear a sneaker different than the one you wear at the gym
  • For athleisure ventures, choose a sporty bomber to match well with a set of leggings
  • Try leggings ensemble with a flat or heeled sandal to get a more sophisticated look
  • Go for pumps or sleek open-toe booties based on your own preferences.
  • Give a shot to tall boots since they will give you a sense of warmth.

Accoutre yourself in Shirt-leggings Combo

Whether you are voluminous or skinny, pairing a long, silky shirt with a unique set of leggings will help you make a bold statement. It will not only improve your appearance beyond the realm of fashion but will also keep your style up with the trend. You can try this out on a casual day as well as on a special outing based on your own choice.

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We hope that you will try some of these tips to add value to your life. Don’t forget to share your experiences with us.

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