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How To Plan A Successful Event

How To Plan A Successful Event

If you’ve held an event before, you know how stressful and challenging it is to plan an event. There are lots of activities and planning sessions involved for a perfect event. An event may be a corporate meeting, wedding, birthday, anniversary, trade show, seminar, conference or holiday party. All these events can only be successful by following this simple guide.

Choose an appropriate date and time

Date and time are very critical when planning an event. If any event fails, 60% is due to planning the wrong date and time. Before you announce holding an event, make sure you’ve considered the availability of your guests. Who are you targeting to attend the event? Will the attendees be available to show up at the event? You can do some research on similar events to have a clue about the right date and time.

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Find a perfect venue

This is the second factor you need to consider for a successful event. Take your time to choose a universal venue. Your guest attendance depends on your choice of venue. Holding your event far away from guests may lead to a low turnout. Before you settle on a venue, there are things you need to consider. They include its availability on the event date, location, accessibility and proximity to attendees or guests.


Have a budget for the event. This includes the cost of hiring a venue, amenities, facilities, food, drinks, and sound system, among other items required for the event. If you are on a tight budget, you can choose to reduce the number of guests. It is challenging to prepare an ideal budget for an event. It is advisable that you consult party planners in Oxfordshire for a detailed budget.

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Plan publicity

How are you planning to inform your guests about the event? How you publicise or market the event determines its success. There are several ways of announcing an event. The best method, however, depends on the type of event, number of guests and cost.

Plan on event logistics

There are lots of logistics you need to consider when organising a perfect event. These include plans for attendee registration, catering requirements, choice of MC, and event programme among other decisions. You can’t do all this on your own. It is best to create a team of friends, family or colleagues to help you with planning.

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As you plan for your upcoming party or event, don’t forget its purpose and objective. You may be planning for a one-day or week-long event. Whichever the duration, make sure that everything goes well as planned by involving an event planner. The professional planner will come with a team of experts to organise the entire event. Keep your guests entertained and make the event memorable by following the above guide.

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