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That One Piece: Outfit Secrets

That One Piece: Outfit Secrets

One of the style secrets of the fashion world is picking out unique statement pieces that you can add to any outfit to make them unique. Whether they’re a vintage piece that’s found a new life decades after it was in the forefront of fashion, or simply sporting a bold design that draws the eye, these unique items are the short cut to a memorable outfit.

If you’re leading a busy social life and need to transform quickly after work from the professional you into the head turning fun you, being able to add one of these eye-catching pieces to your ensemble is a great way to get ready for the evening’s events. Let’s have a look at a few ways to find characterful picks to get you started!

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If you’re looking to style up a low-key skirt or pair of trousers, cashmere is a great choice. Have a look through the range of luxury cashmere sweaters and find something that you can slip on to change an outfit from workaday to Hepburn-chic.

Cashmere is the perfect material for this kind of transformation – it’s a byword for luxury and gives you as much comfort as it projects style to the outside world. Finding the right cashmere sweater let’s you cultivate a look of low maintenance fashion: you appear like you don’t have to try hard to look amazing, you just slip on something comfortable and are transformed into a style icon.

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Picking out a top or skirt in a bold pattern is another top tactic that you can use to transform safer outfits into event-ready ensembles!

You can afford to be really bold here. As the rest of your outfit will be quite neutral, your unique piece here needs to do the ‘heavy lifting’ to catch people’s eye. There was a big 70s revival on the catwalks in Autumn, so the time may be right for a rummage through vintage shops to find something that’s back on trend.

Floral prints in toffee and caramel colours are a great thing to look for to give an outfit some extra fashion kick. If you’re prepared to make a more substantial purchase keep your eyes peeled for a new jacket. Corduroy is a popular fabric once again and the cuts that give you chunky, distinctive lapels and collars make them ideal for your unique outfit enlivening piece for when you need to get fashion conscious in a real hurry.

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