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Signs That Your Loved One Has a Marijuana Addiction

The last thing you want to happen to your loved one is to suffer from addiction to drugs. People who abuse these substances could end up with mental problems, and they won’t be able to control their actions anymore. Marijuana is a psychoactive plant and smoking it could lead to addiction. It might be difficult to tell though if someone is already high on pot. These signs will tell you that a person is high, and at some point, they need to seek medical help.

Lack of engagement in social events

Since marijuana has a calming effect, it can make people feel lazy and not want to do anything, including basic tasks. Some people do not want to leave the house anymore to socialise with others. Some even reach the point of not going to work because they do not have the energy to do it. Even when it comes to things that they feel passionate about – they might start to withdraw.

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Uncontrollable smoking

You might not be able to tell if someone has become addicted to marijuana at first, but it will eventually show, as the person excessively smokes weed. Given the effect marijuana has on the body, some people tend to go beyond their limit. Some of them also understand what marijuana does to the body, but they keep smoking it anyway. They might even need higher doses of marijuana over time because they don’t feel satisfaction anymore.

Choosing friends based on their preference for marijuana

Since people who get addicted to marijuana want to dedicate their time to smoking, they also want to be in a group of people who are doing the same thing. If you start to notice that your loved one has changed friends and is in the company of people who keep smoking, it should alarm you.

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They do not feel hunger

One of the several reasons why some people who are always high on marijuana start to lose weight is because they do not feel hunger; when they are high, they forget all other feelings so much that they reach a point that they forget to eat. Some people even have a hard time sleeping because they have a lot on their minds. They feel restless and irritable. Their mood keeps changing.

CBD is different from marijuana

Although it is alarming to see your loved one getting addicted to marijuana, the entire plant can also be useful. CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is an extract from hemp. This oil does not contain psychoactive properties and is helpful in treating chronic pain and epileptic episodes. It doesn’t get you high, and it doesn’t lead to addiction. You can apply CBD oil to the skin or vape it and you can also buy it in capsule form. All CBD products UK retailers are legal in the United Kingdom. In some instances, CBD oil is even useful in treating substance abuse so you might want to consider it to help a loved one who has become addicted to marijuana.

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